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Call our US office number on +1 (0)347-3097200
Call our UK office on +44 (0)1223-790300
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Call our French office number on +33 (0)975-180600
Call our South African office number on +27 (0)1200-48200
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Worldwide shipping options available for surgical instruments, surgical power tools and other medical products we offer! We offer premium quality products from world reknown manufacturers only!
Worldwide flat-rate colli shipping supported through TNT Worldwide/Royal Dutch Mail
Worldwide shipping supported through FedEx
European flat-rate colli shipping supported through DPD

Ordering from European countries and overseas territories

Our customers include e.g. (doctors working at) academic, referral and community hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, GP surgeries, dental and veterinary practices, as well as research centers, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, governmental and non governmental organizations (NGO's).

Our customers include e.g. (doctors working at) academic, referral and community hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, GP surgeries, dental and veterinary practices, as well as research centers, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, governmental and non governmental organizations (NGO's).

Nearly all products we offer may be delivered worldwide at attractive, low shipping rates, also including shipping insurance and tracking information. If CIP shipping is included, we will also prepare customs information. Please contact us to request further information on the various options.

We offer surgical and medical instruments, power tools and other medical products only from the leading premium manufacturers, most of whom are located in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, the United States of America and Japan.

All the products that we sell at minimum are CE marked in accordance with strict European health and safety regulation, assuring product quality and patient safety to customers within Europe and beyond. Some products also have additional certifications, e.g. from the FDA.

Country specific information

The information below does not apply to specific countries, for which we have individual information available:

Applicable VAT rate

For export to EU member state countries (other than The Netherlands), we are able to apply a 0% VAT rate to business transactions under the intra-community supply regulations. In accordance with legal requirements, we will require the applicable, valid VAT number and corresponding business information sent to us before transactions are finalized. Furthermore, the VAT number has to be valid when the order is placed up until completion. Please contact us for further information.

For European countries outside of the EU, the 0% VAT rate applies by default.

European mainland flat-rate courier delivery possible!

Parcel delivery through DPD

By default European mainland parcel shipping is routed through DPD parcel courier service. This is a reliable shipping method, also allowing for guaranteed delivery times. Our low shipping rates for European countries are available upon request. We ship our products CIP (Incoterms 2010); shipping insurance for a hardware product value of up to EUR 10.000,00 incl. VAT per shipment is included as standard.

Economy parcel delivery through TNT

Worldwide Air Freight economy delivery possible! For deliveries within Europe we have weight-class dependent, fixed economy shipping rates, starting from just EUR 15,00 excl. VAT. Shipping is routed CIP (Incoterms 2010) through TNT; shipping insurance for a hardware product value of up to EUR 5.500,00 incl. VAT per shipment is included as standard.

Delivery Weight Shipping rate EUR1* EUR2/EUR3**
Europe 00-02kg EUR 15,00 EUR 25,00
Europe 02-05kg EUR 25,00 EUR 35,00
Europe 05-10kg EUR 35,00 EUR 45,00
Europe 10-20kg EUR 45,00 EUR 55,00

*) EUR1 zone: Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Spain (including Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), Sweden and United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and Channel Islands).

**) EUR2/3 zones: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Vatican City.

Worldwide Air Freight Express/Overnight delivery possible!

Express/Overnight parcel delivery through FedEx

We are able to ship products through FedEx, optionally with Express/Overnight shipping (whenever possible). This service is available worldwide for both parcel and pallet shipments, also including shipping insurance. Please contact us for more information.

Pallet shipping

Larger shipments may be shipped using pallet based shipping worldwide through land, air and sea freight. To discuss the possibilities, please contact us.

Order tracking

Tracking code(s) to track your shipments are available upon request.

Delivery to third party addresses

Orders may be delivered to addresses other than your own (drop shipping). This service is available worldwide. Please contact us to discuss further details.

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